WA festivals

Australia festivals by month

January Busselton Performing arts beach festival
January Fremantle Sardine festival
January Perth Perth cup
February Dwellingup Log chop day
February Perth Perth festival
February Margret River Leeuwin Estate concert, wine and food festival
March Donnybrook Apple festival (Easter)
March Mandurah Crab festival
March Pemberton King Kari Karnival
March Wagin Woolarama rural show
April Albany Festival of Albany
May Kununurra Ord Valley muster
May Kununurra Dam to dam regatta
May Ningaloo Reef Whale shark festival
June Burswood Wine and food festival
July Derby Boab festival
July Fitzroy Crossing Rodeo
July Perth Perth International film festival
August Broome Shinju Matsuri festival (August-September)
August Ellensburg Jazz in the Valley
August Pingelly Art and tulip festival
September Albany Great southern wine festival
September Esperance Wildflower show
September Perth Royal Perth Show
September Perth Kings Park wildflower festival
September Ravensthorpe Wildflower show
September Walpole Wildflower show
October Kalgoorlie Spring festival
October Kalgoorlie Goldfields mining expo
October Northampton Airing of the quilts
November Brrome Mango festival
November Fitzroy Crossing Barra Splash
November Margaret River Wine region festival