WA big things

Big Crocodile
Broome crocodile park
Big Cow
The big cow is located at the corner of South Western Highway and Beela Road, Brunswick.
South Western Highway & Beela Road
Big Banana
The Big Banana is located at the Elders horticulture supply store on Robinson Street.
451 Robinson St
Big Humpty DumptyCarnarvon
Big DogCorrigin
Big Marron
The Big Marron is located at Denmark along South Coast Highway 1 at Old Kent River Winery.
Old Kent River Winery
Big Lobster
Big Western Rock Lobster was built in 2005.
Cnr Brand Highway and Moreton Terrace

Dongara-Port Denison
Big Apple
The Big Apple is located six kilometres north of Donnybrook. The 5 tonne apple sits on top of tower with stairs
 6 km north of Donnybrook
Big Whale
The whale weighs 4 tonnes, and is 10 metres long, 3 metres high, and 3 metres wide.
Leeuwin WayEucla
Big prawn
The Big Prawn is a few kilometers south of Exmouth at the Exmouth Fish Company.
Exmouth Fish Company
Big Sphere
Big sphere is filled with water
Big Orange
The big orange is a steel structure 17 metres high next to the orchards of Harvey Fresh on Third Street.  Enter the big orange via the cellar door at the Harvey River Bridge Estate winery and climb the staircase to the top.
Third Street
Big Camera
The Big Camera is situated 133 Kilometres East of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway at Meckering.
 Great Eastern Hwy
Big DNA Staircase
The Big DNA Staircase represents a Double Helix of DNA. It is located next to the Pioneer Women’s memorial in Kings Park, Perth.
Kings Park
Big WheelbarrowPort Hedlland
Big King Neptune
The big king neptune was part of the Atlantis Marine Park which was designed to resemble a Roman amphitheatre (Park closed in 1990). The statue was restored in 2015.
Two Rocks
Big Ram
The Big Ram located at Wagin is 7 metres tall.
Wagin park
Big Numbat
Only one metre tall (not very big!)
Big Crocodile
The big crocodile is located in wyndham. It is 3 metres high and is 18 metres long
Wyndham Three Mile, Koolama Street