Queensland big things

Big Sapphire
The Big Sapphire in Anakie is located in front of the Big Sapphire and Gemfield Information Centre. It was erected in 1982 to promote the town’s reputation as the place to find gemstones.
1 Anakie Road
Big meat Ant73 Main St, Augathella
Big Apple
The Big Apple at Tallong is located in the Tallong Memorial Park.
Tallong Memorial Park
Big Mower
The Big Mower is located in front of a business of the same name at 89 Beerwah Parade, Beerwah
89 Beerwah Parade
Big Mango
The big mango is located next to the Bowen Visitor Information Centre on the Bruce Hwy. It is a 12 metre high ‘Bowen’ mango.
Bruce Highway
Big Rum Bottle
The big rum bottle is 6 metres high and was erected in 1988 at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery, Hills Street, Bundaberg
Bundaberg Rum Distillery
Big Crab
The big crab is located in Cardwell in front of the Big Grab restaurant
Big Captain Cook
The Big Captain Cook located in Cairns is a ten metre high statue of Captain Cook
Captain Cook Highway 
Big Marlin
The big marlin is located outside the Stockland Shopping Centre on Mulgrave Road, Cairns. It is a eight metre tall marlin
 Mulgrave Road
Big Barramundi
The Big Barramundi is located in front of the Big Barramundi BBQ Gardens, Daintree Village. It is a six metre long fibreglass barramundi
Barramundi BBQ Gardens
Big Crocodile Head – Located near a ferry crossing in Daintreeferry crossing
Big Redback Spider – Located in front of a garden centre in Eight Mile PlainsGarden centre
Eight Mile Plains
Big Barramundi – Located at Fairbairn Dam. Fairbairn is located in Central Queensland, 19km south west of Emerald or 60km north of Springsure.Fairbairn Dam
Big Easel
This big easel is a painting of Van Gogh’s sunflowers, and is one of seven enormous sunflower paintings around the world.
Morton Park
Big Orange
The Big Orange is located at the tourist information office in Gayndah.
Maryborough Road
Big Whale
The Big whale is a 22-tonne sculpture of the whale, “Nala”. It is located on the corner of Main St and Old Maryborough Rd in Pialba
Main St and Old Maryborough Rd
Pialba, Hervey Bay
Big slouch hat
The big slouch hat is located at the RSL Memorial Building in Mackay
Big Milk churn
The big milk churn is located at the front of the Maleny Cheese Factory in Maleny
1 Clifford Street
Big Ned Kelly
The Big Ned Kelly stands in front of the Ned Kelly Motel and service station.
Ned Kelly Motel
Big Cassowary
The big Cassowary is located in Mission Beach. It is 5 metres tall
Wongaling Beach
Mission Beach
Big Crab
The Big Crab is located above a Service Station on Rose Street (Bruce Highway) in Miriam Vale
Miriam Vale
Big Red Rhino Bucket
The big red bucket is located on Federation Walk at the entrance to the town.
Goonyella Road & Mills Avenue
Big Mandarin
The Big Mandarin is located 390 km north-west of Brisbane in Mundubbera
1 Anne st
Big Cow
The Big Cow is located at the Highfields Pioneer Village. It was built in the 1970s to attract tourists to a working dairy farm.
73 Wirraglen Rd
Big Pineapple
The big pineapple is located on the Pacific Highway at Nambour about 75km north of Brisbane
Nambour Connection Rd
Woombey, Nambour
Big Pelican
The Big Pelican was moved to its current location at Pelican Boat Hire on October 13 2007.
180 Gympie Terrace
Big Barramundi
The Big Barramundi statue in Normanton
Landsborough st
Big Crocodile
‘Krys” the Big Savannah King crocodile is 8.63 metre statue in Normanton
Big Dinosaur
The big dinosaur is located outside the Richmond dinosaur display centre. It is avmodel of an icthyasaur.
91-93 Goldring St
Big Bull
There are six big bull statues representing the main breeds throughout Rockhampton.
1. The Brahman Bull was erected in 2000 at the roundabout on the southern entrance to the city.
2. The Santa Gertrudis Bull, in Frank Ford Park was erected in 1985.
3. The Droughtmaster Bull, at the entrance to the airport was erected in 1994.
4. The Braford Bull, located on the Bruce Highway was erected in 1978.
5. The Romangnola Bull, located in O’Shannesy Park, was erected in 1997 to commemorate the Italian Beef Cattle World Congress.
6. The Brahman Bull, located in the median strip near the Red Hill Homemaker Centre was erected in 1978
several locations
Big Oil Rig
The Big Rigcel ebrates the history of the oil and gas industry in Queensland. It is centred around a giant oil rig in the south western Queensland town of Roma
2 Riggers Rd
Big Miner
The big miner is located at the Bobby Dazzler mine, Rubyvale, QLD.
Bobby Dazzler Mine
Big Sapphire RingMain rd
Big Cane Toad
The big cane toad is located in the town centre of Sarina, approximately 35 kilometres south of Mackay,
main street of Sarina
Big Apple
The Big Apple is 13km north of Stanthorpe along the New England Highway in Thulimbah.
New England Highway
Big Thermometer
The Big Thermometer is next to the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre on Leslie Parade.
28 Leslie Parade
Big Shell
The Big Shell located at Tewantin has a collection of coral, coloured sands and shells.
87 Gympie St
Big spider
The big spider, a giant silver orb spider is 6 metres wide and 4 metres tall. It stretches across Flinders St, Townsville
Flinders St
Big Peanut
The Big Peanut in Tolga welcomes visitors to The Peanut Place in Tolga.
Peanut Place
Big Gumboot
The Big Gumboot is an eight metre tall golden gumboot. It was erected on March 3, 2003 in Tully
main street
Big Deck Chair
The Big Deck Chair is located at the open-air Royal Theatre in Winton. Is is 18 metres high
Elderslie St