NSW fruit picking

We can help you find fruit picking jobs in NSW. Use our guide to find where fruit picking jobs can be found by town or region at various times of the year.

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More information about Australia fruit picking crops.

TownFruit picking by month / crop
BallinaJanuary–December: Vegetables
BathurstJanuary to February – Peaches, Nectarines
BourkeJanuary to May – melons
BurongaJanuary to May – grape picking
Coffs HarbourJanuary–December: Blueberries
DaretonJanuary to May – grape picking
EustonJanuary to May – grape picking and packing
ForbesJanuary to  March – tomatoes, plums
Gol GolJanuary to May – grape picking
GosfordJanuary–December: Vegetables
GriffithJanuary to April – grape picking
Hunter ValleyJanuary–March: Grapes
JugiongJanuary to April – grape picking
KoraleighJanuary to May – grape picking
LeetonJanuary to April – stone fruit
TooleybucJanuary to May – grape picking
TumbarumbaJanuary and March – stone fruit
WentworthJanuary to May – grape picking
BatlowFebruary–May: Apples
ForbesFebruary to April – grape picking
ForbesFebruary to May – apples
GriffithFebruary & March – prune picking
GriffithFebruary & March – stone fruit picking
LeetonFebruary to March – grape picking
OrangeFebruary to March – apple
OrangeFebruary to April – grape picking
TumutFebruary to May – apple picking
YoungFebruary to April – stone fruits
YoungFebruary to April – berry crops
YoungFebruary to April – grape picking
BatlowMarch to May – apples
DubboMarch–May: Cotton picking, cotton ginning
HayMarch to October – broccoli and lettuce
MoreeMarch to May – cotton picking / cotton ginning
MungindiMarch to May – cotton picking / cotton ginning
TumbarumbaMarch to May – apples and grapes
Wee WaaMarch–May: Cotton picking, cotton ginning
BourkeApril to May – cotton picking
Byron BayApril–November: Macadamias
DubboApril to May – cotton picking / cotton ginning
HillstonApril to June – cotton picking
HillstonApril to June – cotton ginning
LismoreApril–November: Macadamias
MoreeApril to August – olives
MoreeApril to August – pecans
NarrabriApril to May – cotton picking / cotton ginning
NarromineApril to May – cotton picking / ginning
TrangieApril to May – cotton picking / ginning
TumbarumbaApril and May – chestnuts
WarrenApril to May – cotton picking / cotton ginning
Wee WaaApril to May – cotton picking / ginning
BourkeMay to June – grape pruning
BourkeMay to September – citrus picking
BurongaMay to January – citrus picking
BurongaMay to February – vegetables
BurongaMay to September – grape pruning
DaretonMay to January – citrus picking
DaretonMay to February – vegetables
DaretonMay to September – grape pruning
EustonMay to February – vegetables
EustonMay to September – grape pruning
Gol GolMay to January – citrus picking and packing
Gol GolMay to February – vegetables
Gol GolMay to September – grape pruning
GriffithMay to January – citrus picking
KoraleighMay to January – citrus picking
KoraleighMay to February – vegetables
KoraleighMay to September – grape pruning
NarromineMay to March – citrus
TooleybucMay to January – citrus picking
TooleybucMay to September – grape pruning
TooleybucMay to February – vegetables
WentworthMay to January – citrus picking
WentworthMay to February – vegetables
WentworthMay to September – grape pruning
BatlowJune to November – pruning
ForbesJune to August – grape pruning
GosfordJune–November: Citrus
GriffithJune to August – grape pruning
HillstonJune to September – potatoes
JugiongJune to September – grape pruning
LeetonJune to August – citrus (Navel) picking
LismoreJune–August: Avocados
OrangeJune to August – grape pruning
TooleybucJune–August: Vine pruning
YoungJune to September – grape pruning
ComboyneJuly–November: Avocados
BurongaSeptember to January – asparagus
CowraSeptember-December – Asparagus
DaretonSeptember to January – asparagus
Gol GolSeptember to January – asparagus
LeetonSeptember to May – vegetables
LeetonSeptember to June – citrus (Valencia) picking
WentworthSeptember to January – asparagus
BatlowOctober to April – stone fruit
DubboOctober to December – grain harvest
HayOctober to December – grain harvest
HillstonOctober to August – orange picking
MoreeOctober to December – grain harvest
MungindiOctober to December – grain harvest
NarrabriOctober to December – grain harvest
NarromineOctober to December – grain harvest
TrangieOctober to December – grain harvest
TumutOctober to March – stone fruit
WarrenOctober to December – grain harvest
Wee WaaOctober to December – grain harvest
YoungOctober to November – asparagus
BourkeNovember to January – cotton chipping
BourkeNovember to January – grape picking
DubboNovember to January – cotton chipping 
ForbesNovember to December – cherries
GriffithNovember to March – onion picking
HayNovember to February – onions
HillstonNovember – cherries
HillstonNovember & December – potatoes
HillstonNovember & December – onion picking
KoraleighNovember to April – stone fruit picking
LeetonNovember to December – apricot picking
MoreeNovember to January – cotton chipping
MungindiNovember to January – cotton chipping
NarrabriNovember to January – cotton chipping
NarromineNovember to January – cotton chipping
OrangeNovember to January – cherries
TrangieNovember to January – cotton chipping
WarrenNovember to January – cotton chipping
Wee WaaNovember to January – cotton chipping
YoungNovember to December – cherries
BarhamDecember-February – Oranges, Tomatoes
BilpinDecember-April – Apples, Stonefruit
BourkeDecember to February – citrus thinning
Coffs HarbourOctober to August – Bananas, Berries
ForbesDecember to March – peaches & nectarines
GriffithDecember to March – tomato picking
HayDecember to March – rockmelons
OrangeDecember to January – grape pruning
TooleybucDecember to February – stone fruits
TumbarumbaDecember – cherries
TumbarumbaDecember to April – berries
YoungDecember–March: Stone fruit