Some chemists accepting e-scripts

Chemist Warehouse
Priceline Pharmacy
Amcal Chemists
Direct Chemist Outlet
Malouf Pharmacies
Soul Pattinson
Chemist Discount Centre
Capital Chemists
Pharmacy 777
Wholelife Pharmacy
HealthFirst Pharmacy
Ramsey Pharmacy
Wizard Pharmacy
Allambie Componding Pharmacy
Choice Pharmacy

How do E-Scripts work?

During your doctor’s consultation, you can ask for your script as an electronic script.

You will be sent the electronic script via an SMS or email that allows you to access your prescription via a URL link.

When you click the link (presented as a QR “token”), you can view your prescription and add it to your digital script wallet through an chemist app.

You can securely share your e-script with your pharmacist for dispensing via a chemist app, or by sharing the scannable token with your pharmacist by e-mail or SMS.

The token gets scanned by your pharmacist at your local chemist to unlock the e-Script for filling. Your details are kept completely confidential and safe.

 If you have repeat prescriptions, you will be sent a new token automatically after each script is dispensed until the repeats are complete.

More information-  DigitalHealth.gov.au

Step 1: Ask your doctor for an e-script

When you visit your health professional, ask for an E-Script prescription (rather than a paper script) to be sent to you via an email or SMS. The email or SMS message will contain an URL Token that you can send to your pharmacist.

Step 2: share your e-script

Send the e-script directly to your pharmacist for dispensing via email or SMS. Alternatively, take your phone to your local chemist and show your pharmacist your E-Script token. They will scan the QR token and accept the script to be dispensed.

Step 3: collect your medicine

Once the Script is filled, your pharmacist can send you a message to alert you that it’s ready for collection. Alternatively, you can use your chemist app to get your medicine delivered to you.