WA Wyndham Sights


Wyndham is located 100 kms north west of Kununurra

Places to see

  • Big Crocodile statue via Koolinda Street is 20 metres long and 3 metres high
  • Five Rivers lookout on the Bastion Ranges has views of Wyndham.  Wyndham has five rivers – Forrest, Pentecost, Ord, Durack and King Rivers
  • Wyndham Crocodile Park on Barytes Road as a variety of saltwater and freshwater crocodiles
  • Parry Lagoon Nature Reserve is 23 kms from Wyndham on the Great Northern Highway.
  • The Grotto on Grotto Rd is a swimming lagoon located 30 kms south of Wyndham.


Wyndham / Kununurra shopping

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