WA fruit picking

We can help you find fruit picking jobs in West Australia. Use our guide to find where fruit picking jobs can be found by town or region at various times of the year.

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More information about Australia fruit picking crops.

TownFruit picking by month / crop
AlbanyJanuary–December: Strawberries
BroomeJanuary–December: Vegetables
BusseltonJanuary–December: Potatoes
CarnarvonJanuary–December: Bananas, Vegetables, Tomatoes
DonnybrookJanuary to December: Apples/Pears
GinginJanuary–February: Grapes
January–December: Vegetables
January–December: Blueberries, citrus
KununurraJanuary to May – citrus
LancelinJanuary–December: Vegetables
ManjimupJanuary–December: Strawberries
January–December: Avocados
Margaret RiverJanuary to March – grape picking
MooraJanuary–December: Citrus
Swan ValleyJanuary–December: Vegetables
WannerooJanuary–December: Vegetables
January–December: Strawberries
WaroonaJanuary–May: Vegetables
AlbanyFebruary to April – salmon fishing and processing
BusseltonFebruary–December: Grapes
DenmarkFebruary to April – grape picking
DonnybrookFebruary–April: Grapes
FranklandFebruary to April – grape picking
ManjimupFebruary to May – apples and pears
AlbanyMarch to April – grape picking
Mount BarkerMarch to April – grape picking
CarnarvonApril–December: Grapes
KununurraApril to September – bananas
AlbanyMay to June – olive picking
FranklandMay to June – olive picking
KununurraMay to October – melons
AlbanyJune to September – grape pruning
AlbanyJune to August – olive pruning
CarnarvonJune to December – tomatoes
CarnarvonJune to December – capsicums
DenmarkJune to September – grape pruning
DonnybrookJune–August: Vine pruning
FranklandJune to September – grape pruning
GinginJune–August: Vine pruning
KununurraJune–December: Vegetables
Margaret RiverJune to August – grape pruning
Mount BarkerJune to October – grape pruning
MundaringJune–August: Apple tree pruning
Swan ValleyJune–August: Vine pruning
BusseltonJuly–March: Avocados
July–September: Citrus
CarnarvonJuly to August – bananas, avocados, coconuts, dates,mangoes, paw paws and melons.
FranklandJuly to August – olive pruning
ManjimupJuly–August: Vine pruning
Mount BarkerJuly–September: Vine pruning
GinginAugust–January: Avocados
ManjimupSeptember–December: Grapes
Margaret RiverSeptember–May: Grapes
Swan ValleySeptember–April: Grapes
AlbanyOctober to May – strawberries
BroomeOctober to November – melons
DenmarkOctober–December: Grapes
DonnybrookOctober–March: Stone fruit
FranklandOctober–December: Grapes
KununurraOctober to January – mangoes
ManjimupOctober–April: Stone fruit
Mount BarkerOctober to May – strawberries, Grapes
MundaringOctober–March: Stone fruit
BroomeNovember–April: Grapes
CarnarvonNovember–May: Mangoes
GinginNovember–January: Stone fruit
ManjimupNovember–January: Cherries
November–May: Apples/Pears
Mount BarkerNovember to January – cherries
MundaringNovember–April: Apples/Pears
WannerooNovember–February: Tomatoes
CarnarvonDecember–May: Rockmelons, watermelons
DenmarkDecember to March – blueberries
WaroonaDecember–July: Rockmelons