VIC fruit picking

We can help you find fruit picking jobs in Victoria. Use our guide to find where fruit picking jobs can be found by town or region at various times of the year.

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More information about Australia fruit picking crops.

TownFruit picking by month / crop
BeverfordJanuary to May – grape picking
EchucaJanuary to May – stone fruit
EchucaJanuary to March – grape picking
EchucaJanuary to April – tomato picking
IrympleJanuary to May – grape picking
Lake BogaJanuary to May – grape picking
MansfieldJanuary–December: Tomatoes
MerbeinJanuary to May – grape picking
MilduraJanuary to May – grape picking
Mornington PeninsulaJanuary–December: Vegetables
MyrtlefordJanuary to April – apples
NangilocJanuary to May – grape picking
Nichols PointJanuary to May – grape picking
NyahJanuary to May – grape picking
PiangilJanuary to May – grape picking
Red CliffsJanuary to May – grape picking
RobinvaleJanuary to May – grape picking
RobinvaleJanuary to May – grape packing
SheppartonJanuary to April – tomatoes
SheppartonJanuary–December: Apples/Pears
Swan HillJanuary to May – grape picking
TyntynderJanuary to May – grape picking
ViniferaJanuary to May – grape picking
WarragulJanuary–December: Tomatoes
WeeribeeJanuary–December: Vegetables
WoorinenJanuary to May – grape picking
Yarra ValleyJanuary–May: Flowers
ArdmonaFebruary to April – citrus
BeechworthFebruary to April – grape picking
HealesvilleFebruary to March – apples
HealesvilleFebruary to April – grape picking
HealesvilleFebruary to March – pears
LilydaleFebruary to March – apples
LilydaleFebruary to March – pears
LilydaleFebruary to April – wine grapes
Mornington PeninsulaFebruary–May: Apples
MyrtlefordFebruary to March – grape picking
MyrtlefordFebruary to April – tobacco
RutherglenFebruary to April – grape picking
StanleyFebruary to April- grape picking
WangarattaFebruary to April – grape picking
Yarra ValleyFebruary–May: Apples, pears
BeechworthMarch to May – apples
MyrtlefordMarch to April – hops, chestnuts and walnuts
RutherglenMarch to May – apples
StanleyMarch to May- apples
CobramApril to October – pruning fruit trees
SheppartonApril to October – tree pruning
 GeelongMay – Olives
BeverfordMay to January – citrus
BeverfordMay to February – vegetables
BeverfordMay to September – grape pruning
IrympleMay to January – citrus
IrympleMay to February – vegetables
IrympleMay to September – grape pruning 
Lake BogaMay to January – citrus
Lake BogaMay to February – vegetables
Lake BogaMay to September – grape pruning
MerbeinMay to January – citrus
MerbeinMay to February – vegetables
MerbeinMay to September – grape pruning
MilduraMay to January – citrus
MilduraMay to February – vegetables
MilduraMay to September – grape pruning
NangilocMay to January – citrus
NangilocMay to February – vegetables
NangilocMay to September – grape pruning
Nichols PointMay to January – citrus
Nichols PointMay to February – vegetables
Nichols PointMay to September – grape pruning
NyahMay to January – citrus
NyahMay to February – vegetables
NyahMay to September – grape pruning
PiangilMay to January – citrus
PiangilMay to February – vegetables
PiangilMay to September – grape pruning
Red CliffsMay to January – citrus
Red CliffsMay to February – vegetables
Red CliffsMay to September – grape pruning
RobinvaleMay to February – vegetables
RobinvaleMay to September – grape pruning
Swan HillMay to January – citrus
Swan HillMay to February – vegetables
Swan HillMay to September – grape pruning
TyntynderMay to January – citrus
TyntynderMay to September – grape pruning
TyntynderMay to February – vegetables
ViniferaMay to January – citrus
ViniferaMay to February – vegetables
ViniferaMay to September – grape pruning
WangarattaMay to August – peach pruning
WoorinenMay to January – citrus
WoorinenMay to February – vegetables
WoorinenMay to September – grape pruning
BeechworthJune to August – grape pruning
EchucaJune to September – grape pruning
MyrtlefordJune to August – grape pruning
RutherglenJune to August – grape pruning
StanleyJune to August- grape pruning
WangarattaJune to August – grape pruning
Yarra ValleyJuly–August: Vine pruning
SheppartonAugust to April – fruit packing
DalmoreSeptember to November
IrympleSeptember to December – asparagus
Koo Wee RupSeptember–February: Asparagus
MerbeinSeptember to December – asparagus
MilduraSeptember to December – asparagus
NangilocSeptember to December – asparagus
Nichols PointSeptember to December – asparagus
Red CliffsSeptember to December – asparagus
SheppartonSeptember to October – fruit thinning
Koo Wee RupOctober–February: Broccolini
Mornington PeninsulaOctober–May: Strawberries
MaffraOctober to April – vegetable picking
MaffraOctober to February – asparagus
WangarattaOctober to March – peaches
BeechworthNovember to December – cherries
CobramNovember to February – cherries
CobramNovember to May – stone fruit
CobramNovember to May – pome fruit
HealesvilleNovember to March – berry
HealesvilleNovember to December – cherry
LilydaleNovember to December – cherries
LilydaleNovember to March – berry crops
RutherglenNovember to December – cherries
SheppartonNovember to December – cherries
SheppartonNovember to May – stone fruit
StanleyNovember to December- cherries
WangarattaNovember to January – cherries
BeverfordDecember to February – stone fruits
Lake BogaDecember to February – stone fruits
MansfieldDecember–January: Cherries
NyahDecember to February – stone fruits
PiangilDecember to February – stone fruits
Swan HillDecember to February – stone fruits
TyntynderDecember to February – stone fruits
WoorinenDecember to March – stone fruit