TAS fruit picking

We can help you find fruit picking jobs in Tasmania. Use our guide to find where fruit picking jobs can be found by town or region at various times of the year.

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More information about Australia fruit picking crops.

TownFruit picking by month / crop
BurnieJanuary to December – vegetables
DeloraineJanuary–June: Potatoes
DevonportJanuary to December – vegetables, mushrooms
January–June: Potatoes
HuonvilleJanuary to February – apricots
RichmondJanuary: Stone fruit
ScottsdaleJanuary–June: Potatoes
SmithtonJanuary–June: Vegetables
January–June: Potatoes
UlverstoneJanuary to December – vegetables, potatoes
UlverstoneJanuary to December – mushrooms
UlverstoneJanuary to March – tomatoes
BurnieFebruary-May: Vegtables
LauncestonFebruary to May – apples
DevonportMarch to May – apples
HuonvilleMarch to April – picking grapes
HuonvilleMarch to May – picking apples
LauncestonMarch to May – grape picking
New NorfolkMarch to April – hop picking
New NorfolkMarch to April – grape picking
New NorfolkMarch–May: Apple picking
RichmondMarch to May – grape picking
ScottsdaleMarch to April – Hops
HuonvilleJune to August – pruning grapes and trees
LauncestonJune–August: Vine pruning
New NorfolkJune to July – grape pruning
RichmondJune to July – grape pruning
LauncestonJuly to August – grape pruning
New NorfolkAugust–November: Hops stringing
BurnieOctober–May: Strawberries
DeloraineOctober–May: Strawberries
DevonportOctober–May: Strawberries
HuonvilleOctober–May: Strawberries
LauncestonOctober–May: Strawberries
New NorfolkOctober – stringing hops
UlverstoneOctober – stringing hops
DevonportNovember–December: Apple thinning
HuonvilleNovember–December: Apple thinning
LauncestonNovember–December: Apple thinning
RichmondNovember to January – seed vegetables
BurnieDecember–February: Blueberries
December–May: Blackberries, Raspberries
December–June: Vegetables
DeloraineDecember–May: Blackberries, Raspberries
December–February: Blueberries
DevonportDecember to April – berry crops
DevonportDecember to January – stone fruit
DevonportDecember to January – cherries
HuonvilleDecember to February – cherries
December–February: Blueberries
HuonvilleDecember to May – strawberries
LauncestonDecember–February: Cherries
December–February: Blueberries
December–May: Blackberries, raspberries
New NorfolkDecember & January – cherries
RichmondDecember to April – stone fruit – apricots, peaches, plums, cherries and apples
UlverstoneDecember–May: Blackberries, Raspberries
December–June: Vegetables