SA fruit picking

We can help you find fruit picking jobs in South Australia. Use our guide to find where fruit picking jobs can be found by town or region at various times of the year.

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More information about Australia fruit picking crops.

TownFruit picking by month / crop
AngastonJanuary to April – grape picking
BarmeraJanuary to March – apples
BarmeraJanuary to March – pears
BerriJanuary to April – apples and pears
CadellJanuary–April: Grape picking
ClareJanuary to April – grape picking
Langhorne CreekJanuary to April – grape picking
LoxtonJanuary to March – apples and pears
LyndochJanuary to April – grape picking
NuriooptaJanuary to April – grape picking
ParingaJanuary–March: Grape picking
PenolaJanuary–May: Potatoes
RenmarkJanuary to March – apples
RenmarkJanuary to March – pears
TanundaJanuary to April – grape picking
WaikerieJanuary–April: Grape picking
Adelaide HillsFebruary to April – grape picking
Adelaide HillsFebruary to May – apple and pears
AngastonFebruary–April: Grape picking
BarmeraFebruary to April – grape picking
BerriFebruary to April – grape picking
CadellFebruary to March – grape picking
ClareFebruary–April: Grape picking
CoonawarraFebruary to March – potatoes
CoonawarraFebruary to May – grape picking
Langhorne CreekFebruary–April: Grape picking
LoxtonFebruary to April – grape picking
LyndochFebruary to April: Grape picking
McLaren ValeFebruary to April – grape picking
MonashFebruary to April – grape picking
NuriooptaFebruary–April: Grape picking
ParingaFebruary to April – grape picking
PenolaFebruary to March – potatoes
PenolaFebruary to May – grape picking
PenolaFebruary to May – apple picking
RamcoFebruary to April – grape picking
RenmarkFebruary to April – grape picking
TanundaFebruary to April: Grape picking
WaikerieFebruary to April – grape picking
Adelaide HillsMarch–May: Apples, Pears
CoonawarraMarch–May: Grape picking
ParingaMarch–June: Almonds
PenolaMarch–May: Grape picking
RenmarkMarch–November: Almonds
WaikerieMarch–May: Almonds
BarmeraMay to August – grape pruning
BarmeraMay to February – citrus
BerriMay to August – grape pruning
BerriMay to February – citrus
CadellMay to August – grape pruning
CadellMay to February – citrus
LoxtonMay to August – grape pruning
LoxtonMay to February – citrus picking
McLaren ValeMay to August – grape pruning
MonashMay to August – grape pruning
MonashMay to February – citrus
ParingaMay to August – grape pruning
ParingaMay to February – citrus
RamcoMay to August – grape pruning
RamcoMay to February – citrus
RenmarkMay to August – grape pruning
RenmarkMay to February – citrus
WaikerieMay to August – grape pruning
WaikerieMay to February – citrus
Adelaide HillsJune to September – grape pruning
AngastonJune to September – grape pruning
BarmeraJune–August: Vine pruning
CadellJune–August: Vine Pruning
ClareJune to September – grape pruning
CoonawarraJune to August – grape pruning
Langhorne CreekJune to September – grape pruning
LoxtonJune–August: Vine pruning
LyndochJune to September – grape pruning
McLaren ValeJune to August: Vine pruning
NuriooptaJune to September – grape pruning
ParingaJune–August: Vine pruning
PenolaJune to August – grape pruning
RenmarkJune–August: Vine pruning
TanundaJune to September – grape pruning
WaikerieJune–August: Vine pruning
CoonawarraJuly–May: Vegetables
PenolaJuly–May: Vegetables
Adelaide HillsOctober to January – cherry picking
BarmeraOctober to November – cherries
BarmeraOctober to March – stone fruits
BerriOctober to November – cherry picking
BerriOctober to March – stone fruits
CadellOctober to March – stone fruits
LoxtonOctober to March – stone fruit picking
MonashOctober to March – stone fruits
ParingaOctober to March – stone fruits
RamcoOctober to March – stone fruits
RenmarkOctober to November – cherries
RenmarkOctober to March – stone fruits
WaikerieOctober to March – stone fruits
Adelaide HillsNovember–January: Cherries
November–April: Strawberries
CoonawarraNovember to May – apple picking
PenolaNovember to May – apple picking
CoonawarraDecember to January – cherry picking
CoonawarraDecember to January – beans
CoonawarraDecember to February – apple, canola
CoonawarraDecember – barley
LoxtonDecember–August: Potatoes
PenolaDecember to January – cherry picking
PenolaDecember to January – beans
PenolaDecember to February – apple picking 
PenolaDecember – canola, barley
WaikerieDecember–August: Potatoes