QLD fruit picking

We can help you find fruit picking jobs in Queensland. Use our guide to find where fruit picking jobs can be found by town or region at various times of the year.

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More information about Australia fruit picking crops.

TownFruit picking by month / crop
AthertonJanuary to December – bananas
BoonahJanuary–December: Vegetables
BowenJanuary–December: Vegetables
BundabergJanuary–December: Macadamias
January–December: Vegetables
CabooltureJanuary–December: Pineapples
January–December: Raspberries
ChildersJanuary to March – mangoes
DimbulahJanuary to December – paw paw
EmeraldJanuary–February: Grapes
GattonJanuary–December: Vegetables
January–December: Tomatoes
GayndahJanuary–February: Grapes
Gin GinJanuary–December: Vegetables
InnisfailJanuary to December – bananas
LaidleyJanuary–December: Vegetables
LakelandJanuary to December: Bananas
MareebaJanuary to December – paw paw
MareebaJanuary to December – bananas
MareebaJanuary to December – citrus
MundubberaJanuary – mangoes
RavenshoeJanuary to December – potatoes
St GeorgeJanuary to March – watermelons
TownsvilleJanuary–December: Vegetables
January–December: Pineapples
TullyJanuary to December – bananas
YeppoonJanuary–February: Mangoes
AthertonFebruary to June – avocados
BowenJanuary–December: Vegetables
BundabergFebruary–September: Avocados
ChildersFebruary–September: Avocados
DimbulahFebruary to March – longans
DimbulahFebruary to April – avocados
KurundaFebruary to March – longans
MareebaFebruary to May – avocados
MareebaFebruary to March – longans
AthertonMarch–December: Strawberries
BoonahMarch to April – sweet potato
BoonahMarch to June – beans
BundabergMarch to July – citrus
CabooltureMarch–November: Strawberries
DimbulahMarch–April: Cotton
DirranbandiMarch–April: Cotton picking, cotton ginning
EmeraldMarch to September – mandarin picking and packing
GayndahMarch to September – citrus picking and packing
GoondiwindiMarch–April: Cotton picking, cotton ginning
LaidleyMarch to April – sweet potato
LaidleyMarch to June – beans
St GeorgeMarch to June – cotton
BundabergApril to July – vegetables
BundabergApril to August – capsicum
BundabergApril to August – rockmelon
BundabergApril to August – zucchini
ChildersApril to September – tomatoes
EmeraldApril to September – melon picking and packing
GayndahApril–August: Citrus
Gin GinApril–August: Citrus
MundubberaApril to September – citrus
AyrMay to November – rockmelons, honeydew, capsicum, eggfruit, cherry tomatoes, chillies, watermelons and zucchinis
BoonahMay to September – snow peas
BoonahMay to October – celery & chinese cabbage
BoonahMay to November – cabbage, cauliflower & lettuce
BoonahMay to November – broccoli
BoonahMay to December – potatoes & beetroot
BowenMay to November – vegetable picking
BowenMay to November – tomato picking
DimbulahMay–December: Tomatoes
EmeraldMay to June – grape pruning
GayndahMay–September: Vine pruning
May–November: Blueberries
Gin GinMay–November: Blueberries
LaidleyMay to September – snow peas
LaidleyMay to October – celery & chinese cabbage
LaidleyMay to November – cabbage, cauliflower & lettuce
LaidleyMay to November – broccoli
LaidleyMay to December – potatoes & beetroot
MareebaMay–December: Tomatoes
MundubberaMay–September: Grapes
May–November: Blueberries
St GeorgeMay–September: Grapes
AyrJune to December – sugar cane
BoonahJune to December – carrots
DimbulahJune–March: Mangoes
MundubberaJune to July – grape pruning
St GeorgeJune to February – grapes
St GeorgeJune to February – grapes
MareebaJune–March: Mangoes
AthertonJuly–December: Potatoes
ChildersJuly to April – avocados
LaidleyJuly to November – carrots
BoonahAugust to December – onions
LaidleyAugust to December – onions
MundubberaAugust to May – asparagus
AthertonSeptember to December – potatoes
BoonahSeptember to November – garlic
BundabergSeptember to December – vegetables
LaidleySeptember to November – garlic
StanthorpeSeptember–April: Tomatoes
BowenOctober–February: Mangoes
BundabergOctober to January – tomato
ChildersOctober to January – zucchini
ChinchillaOctober–February: Watermelons
DimbulahOctober–March: Avocados
October–December: Lychees/Longans
EmeraldOctober to December – grape picking and packing
EmeraldOctober to March – lemon picking and packing
MareebaOctober–March: Avocados
AyrNovember to December – mangoes
BoonahNovember to December – beans
BoonahNovember to May – pumpkin, sweet corn, tomatoes & capsicum
BowenNovember to December – mango picking
DimbulahNovember to January – lychees
DimbulahNovember to April – mangoes
DirranbandiNovember to January – cotton chipping
EmeraldNovember to March – cotton chipping
GayndahNovember to March – citrus pruning and crop thinning
Gin GinNovember–January: Lychees/Longans
GoondiwindiNovember to January – cotton chipping
KurundaNovember to January – lychees
LaidleyNovember to May – pumpkin, sweet corn,tomatoes & capsicum
LaidleyNovember to December – beans
MareebaNovember to March- mangoes
MareebaNovember to January – lychees
MundubberaNovember to December – grape picking
St GeorgeNovember to January – rock melons
St GeorgeNovember to January & June to August – pumpkins
St GeorgeNovember to January – cotton chipping
St GeorgeNovember to December – onions
St GeorgeNovember to January – rock melons
StanthorpeNovember to May – apples, stone fruits,pears, tomatoes, capsicums, grapes
YeppoonNovember–January: Lychees
November–February: Pineapples
BoonahDecember to February – melons & zucchini
BundabergDecember to February – tropical fruits and mangoes
ChildersDecember to February – lychees
CunnamullaDecember–January: Grapes
EmeraldDecember to February – citrus thinning
GattonDecember–September: Potatoes
GayndahDecember–January: Citrus
December–April: Mangoes
Gin GinDecember–February: Mangoes
LaidleyDecember to February – melons & zucchini, tomatoes
MundubberaDecember–January: Citrus maintenance
December–April: Mangoes
MurgonDecember to May – tomatoes